The restaurant

Located in the historical center of Lençóis, the Cozinha Aberta is in a row house divided in two.

The clients are able to watch the food being prepared and enjoy works of art while relishing the meal. From the verandah, the veggie garden at the bank of the river enhance the sensation of being in middle of Nature itself.

Organic products, pink shrimp, meats, handmade pasta, vegan dishes, and artisanal ice cream are part of the basic menu. Contemporary cuisine based in the slow food concept, functional food and, of course, the use of top seasonings and unusual combinations of local ingredients beautifully laid out, turns the Cozinha Aberta into an obligatory stop for everyone visiting Lençóis.

The Chef

Deborah Doitschinoff is from São Paulo, but lives in Lençóis.

Self taught, she has learned the finest international gastronomy while traveling.


Her first contact with the Slow Food movement, and the deep appreciation of simple food preparation and respect to the product and producer was in Italy. 

The Asian culinary contrasts of colors and flavors is another strong influence in her cooking. 

Along these tendencies, regional products of the Brazilian gastronomy give the special touch that characterizes all

her work, in a balance that enchants the senses.

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